How to obtain a seamless Starlink connection with Peplink 4G WiFi routers?

The arrival of Starlink has expanded the range of high-performing internet options available for those living in remote areas, traveling in vans, or even on boats.

Thanks to Starlink, there's no need to change SIM cards upon arriving in each new country, and no more roaming charges! However, Starlink does present some disadvantages for remote work, gaming, video conferencing, or uninterrupted internet connection.

Starlink Disadvantages

  1. Outages and Micro-cuts

Despite all its advantages, like any internet connection, Starlink is prone to micro-cuts.

  1. Limitations of the Starlink Router

The Starlink router doesn't allow traffic prioritization or the creation of redundant connections to multiple internet sources.

Solutions for Uninterrupted Internet Connection

  1. Secondary Internet Source

The solution to ensuring an uninterrupted internet connection is to use a secondary internet source (cellular, ADSL, fiber, or a second Starlink antenna).

  1. Failover Router

StarWifi offers a 4G Peplink Max-BR1 wifi router with automatic failover between Starlink and 4G.

  1. Bonding

Peplink routers allow subscribing to the Speedfusion Cloud option, which combines multiple internet sources (Starlink, 4G, ADSL, or fiber) to achieve the most stable connection possible.

For more information on Peplink routers, please contact us or check out the product sheet for the 4G Peplink Max-BR1 router.

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