Kit Starlink Standard vs High Performance

Welke Starlink-antenne moet u kiezen: standaard gen 2 of High Performance?

Starlink currently offers its customers two hardware options to choose from: Standard Gen 2 (motorized) or High Performance. Standard equipment is suitable for most applications, including home internet, on a boat or in an RV. The High Performance hardware option is primarily intended for professionals and customers living in harsh climates.

All prices in this article are based on a purchase of equipment and a package subscribed in mainland France. Hardware and package prices vary by country, so check the cost in your country.

Starlink Standard Kit
Antenne Starlink standard

Standard Starlink antenna

The standard Starlink kit is the default option for Starlink residential and Starlink roaming.

It costs €250 and includes an antenna, a base, a WiFi router and a cable. This kit is powered by 220V. It has everything you need to get up and running in minutes. When you turn on the antenna, it automatically adjusts to get the best signal. You need a clear view of the sky for Starlink to work properly, so keep this in mind when installing the antenna.

Starlink Standard Kit Features:

  • IP54 - The standard antenna is installed outdoors and is resistant to rain and splashing water.
  • Automatic orientation with integrated motors.
  • Navigation use possible (speed less than 8 knots)
  • Power consumption: 50 to 75 watts.
  • Router: Wifi 5, dual band, mesh compatible.
  • LAN Ethernet port available with purchase of the Starlink Ethernet Adapter.

For more information on how to choose between the motorized Starlink gen 2 antenna and the fixed Starlink gen 3 antenna, take a look at our blog post What are the differences between the Starlink gen 2 antenna and Starlink gen 3 antenna?

Starlink High Performance Kit

Starlink Haute Performance
Starlink High Performance

The Starlink High Performance kit is included by default for the Business and Boat plans. The high-performance antenna is intended for professionals but Starlink also recommends it for customers living in harsh climatic conditions.

The High Performance Mobile version is designed for installations on boats or vehicles and can be used in motion (speeds greater than 8 knots).

With a price of €2,389, the High Performance kit is more expensive than the Standard kit. Included in the kit is the High Performance antenna, a base (except for the Mobile version), a 220V power supply, a wifi router and a cable.

Features of the Starlink High Performance kit:

  • IP56 for better resistance to bad weather and harsh climatic conditions
  • Power consumption: 110 - 150W
  • Navigation use possible (speed greater than 8 knots)
  • Use your own router or network hardware

Starlink Standard Gen 2 or Starlink High Performance Kit

- Internet connection performance and speed

The main factor limiting internet connection speed is not linked to the choice of Standard or High Performance kit but to the Starlink network itself. This is because actual performance depends on the plan and the number of Starlink users in the region, not the choice of hardware.

- Material cost

The Starlink High Performance kit costs €1991 compared to €250 for the Standard kit. Beyond the initial price of the hardware, your monthly plan is another cost to consider.

To get the best performance with the High Performance kit, you will want to opt for the Mobile Priority plan (starting at €199/month) which offers higher traffic priority compared to the Mobile - Regional plan (€59/month) less Dear. To obtain better performance, it is entirely possible to subscribe to the Mobile Priority plan with a Starlink Standard kit.

- Power consumption

Energy in a campervan or boat is extremely valuable. The High Performance kit has an average consumption of 120W compared to 60W for the Standard kit Gen 2.

For comparison, the High Performance kit consumes as much as a radar while the Standard Gen 2 kit consumes as much as a fridge.

To reduce this electrical consumption by up to 40%, we offer Plug & Play kits for 12V and 24V conversion of the Standard kit and the Maritime kit in 12V/24V for the High Performance kit and an energy-efficient wifi 6 router (in 12V or 24V), compact and ultra efficient.

Which antenna for which use?

The Starlink Standard kit is recommended for:

  • most users who have traditional needs (streaming, web browsing, video conferencing, etc.)
  • use in motion for a speed less than 8 knots (16 km/h)
  • use in mild weather conditions (little rain, snow, ice)
  • for Mobile plans (from €59/month)

The Starlink High Performance kit is recommended for:

  • use in motion for a speed greater than 8 knots (16 km/h)
  • use in harsh climatic conditions (snow, heavy rain, ice)
  • for Mobile Priority plans (from €199/month)

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